Dreams & Magic, the company that pioneered Digital and High Definition technology in Sri Lanka are reaching another milestone in their career. With the transferring of the film "Colour" they have completed 25th feature film since its inception. Starting with "Adaraneeya Wassanaya" which introduced the young Director Senesh Bandara Dissanaayke to film industry, with the 25th being "Colour" , the debut film by Isuru Weerasinhge, this technology paved the way to many aspiring directors to come to limelight. Although many skeptics tried to tarnish this technical achievement, this simple fact shows how important this technology is, for the future of local Cinema.

Dreams and Magic introduced the only 4K High resolution camera in Sri Lanka with the RED ONE in 2008. They also got down the first High Definition Camera in Sri Lanka in 2008 that used in filming "Kanyavi", the first film to use High Definition in Sri Lanka. After that introduction many films were shot using high definition including Dancing Star, Uththara, Punchi Bhoothaya, Sinhawalokanaya, Theja Angara Dangara, Sthoothi Nawatha Enna, Bambara Walalla and Colour. Apart from Dancing Star and Bambara Walalla all the other films were transferred to 35 mm film by Dreams & Magic in Sri Lanka.

Dreams & Magic created the first ever Digital character in Sinhala Cinema, "Gopalu Yaka" in 2007. They achieved a very high standard for special effects in Sri Lankan cinema which till then was plagued by very low quality Effects. In due recognition of that they won a Special Jury award at the Sarasaviya Film Festival held in 2010

Their maiden production "Theja" which also utilized their Digital High Definition film making expertise, won the Platinum award at the Houston International film festival. It was the official selection for the World Cinema section at the Goa International film festival out of several other Sri Lankan films which were shot using 35mm negative and depended on Indian Film Laboratories for all post production matters. In "Theja" the entire post production work was completed locally.